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Visual Hydraulics 4.2 Features

Improved Calculation Flexibility


One of the biggest keys to making Visual Hydraulics 4.2 as powerful as ever is flexibility.  We understand that the science of hydraulics is not always an exact science, in fact it's rarely an exact science.  Many hydraulic equations and theories are based on data acquired from years and years of testing, and many equations have loss coefficients that may vary from source to source.  In order to provide the user with as much flexibility as possible, Visual Hydraulics 4.2 has a feature that summarizes all of the various coefficients that are used in the theory for all of the hydraulic elements that are part of the software.  Examples are the K values for pipe fittings, "C" coefficients for weirs, "C" coefficients for orifices, and many, many more.  This new database provides the user with the option of altering any of the coefficients used as part of this theory if a different value is desired.  This new database is included as a separate tab in the project options form:



As can be seen from the element options tab above, the element type is provided on the left side of the form, and the corresponding coefficients that are stored in the software are presented in the table to the right.  For pipe fittings, a K value can be changed at any time, and a fitting can be added or removed from the database if desired.  If the user were to select the rectangular weir element, the table would be updated to include the respective "C" values for weirs stored within the software:


Visual Hydraulics 4.2 saves the original values provided for the various coefficients, so if the user desires to go back to the default value provided with the software, it can be done at any time by simply restoring the default value.

Element Flexibility - Different Theories

In addition to varying coefficients for equations, the general theory for a hydraulic element may have more than one accepted methodology.  Consider the bar rack/screen element.  More than one theory is widely publicized for analysis of bar racks/screens.  Because of this, Visual Hydraulics 4.2 offers the user with the option of selecting a particular theory for analysis:


The user can select a theory for analysis or run both theories and compare the results.


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