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Thatís right, Version 4.2 is here.  Version 4.2 marks our most powerful, flexible version ever.  We've added more hydraulic elements, and more features that make the software easier to use.  The biggest advancement of Version 4.2 is the addition of the flow split analysis tool.  Visual Hydraulics can now determine how flow will be split among any number of flow paths with varying characteristics.  Here are just some of the new features we've added:

-  Advanced flow split analysis

-  Additional hydraulic elements, including combining/dividing tees, channel contractions, and new weirs

-  Improved bar rack/screen analysis with multiple methodologies

-  New program options that greatly improve hydraulic calculation flexibility

-  Critical elevations feature

-  Flow management feature

-  Ability to include independent flow paths, such as bypass streams

-  Advanced graphical improvements, including a zoom in and out feature

-  Ability to model up to 5 different hydraulic profile scenarios in one file

-  Improved report options and flexibility


The Visual Hydraulics 4.2 graphical drawing screen






Highlights of Visual

  Hydraulics 4.2

Case Study - Bethel Park

  Municipal Authority

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