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Advanced editing features

One of the most painstaking tasks of analyzing a hydraulic profile is having to re-analyze everything if there is a design change or simply even a flow change.  Hydraulic profiles are subject to the "ripple effect" - if something is changed, that change can affect many or all of the hydraulic profile upstream of that point.  This is where the use of hydraulic modeling can substantially save time and money.  If you have a design change, simply change it in the model, and the hydraulic profile will be recalculated for you.

Altering a hydraulic profile can include simple modifications, such as changing a pipe length, to major changes, such as inserting a section between two existing sections or deleting a section of the profile.  In any case, even simple changes can have dramatic affects.  These changes can be simply accounted for by using all of Visual Hydraulic's built-in editing features.

Changes during design are commonplace.  Easily edit any features of an existing section of the hydraulic profile:



Overlook a section of the profile or is something added during design?  Use Visual Hydraulic's insert feature to put a new section between any two existing sections of the hydraulic profile:



Change flow conditions simply with the click of a mouse.  Visual Hydraulic's flow database holds any amount of design flows you wish, including options for having up to three different return flow scenarios.  Switch between any of your design flows and the entire hydraulic profile will be recalculated.  Easily ensure your design meets any variety of flow conditions:



Have multiple parallel trains on-line and want to know what will happen to the hydraulic profile if a train is taken off-line?  No problem.  One of the biggest improvements of Visual Hydraulics 4.2 is the ability for the user to design multiple parallel trains that are completely independent of one another, and at any time be able to take trains off-line and route the flow through the remaining trains.  The new flow split and flow combination elements make this process simple and manageable, offering more flexibility than ever with the click of a mouse:



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