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Visual Hydraulics

Main screen/design forms


Visual Hydraulic's main screen is a graphical user interface that provides the designer with a simple, interactive layout that includes easy to use toolbars, menus, lists and diagrams.  This setup provides for a quick, efficient analysis of any hydraulic feature:

Visual Hydraulics follows the classic style of analyzing hydraulic profiles: a downstream control point is selected, and the hydraulic profile is computed upstream from that point.  After each hydraulic feature has been analyzed, the resulting water surface elevation and operating condition are displayed for the user in tabular format.  In addition, the lower part of the screen displays the hydraulic profile in graphical format.

Every hydraulic feature follows a straight forward analysis and the design forms all follow a similar format.  The design form for a pipe is shown below:


Each design form is divided into tabbed sections.  For this pipe design form, other tabs are provided for specifying pipe fittings and including the flows that will be conveyed by this pipe section:


The "Flows" tab is universal to all of the hydraulic features available in the program.  It allows the designer to specify how much flow is being conveyed by that unit, include return flows if applicable, and also specify the number of units on-line.  This provides additional flexibility to the designer.  Change return flow values and see how it affects the profile.  Take units off-line, and Visual Hydraulics will route the design flow through the remaining units on-line and recalculate the entire hydraulic profile for you.  All with just a click of a button.


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