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Visual Hydraulics

Reporting and exporting options



Visual Hydraulics offers a full range of reporting options, including full hydraulic profile reports and reports of individual profile sections.  In addition, any report can be exported to a variety of Windows formats, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe Acrobat.  This allows reports to be easily edited, distributed, and emailed.

Generate reports for a full hydraulic profile:



Generate reports for any individual section of the profile:



In addition to the summary reports that can be generated for the hydraulic profile, a reporting option is also available that graphs the behavior of any section of the profile over a user set range of flows:



Easily take the summary reports and export them to a text file, Microsoft Word or Excel document, or Adobe Acrobat document:



Visual Hydraulics allows for effective management of your data and provides a robust variety of reporting options for presentation of the results.


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