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Visual Hydraulics

Summary forms and equations


Results aren't very useful unless you know where they come from.  Just having a program spit out an answer without having a means of checking the result is pointless.  Does the answer make sense?  What methodology was used?  That doesn't seem right, how did the program come up with that?  A good model should reassure the designer that the results obtained are sound.  Visual Hydraulics was programmed with built-in summary features including summary tables characterizing all the hydraulic characteristics of the feature being analyzed, summary diagrams, and even a detailed compilation of the equations and methodology used to obtain those results.  Feel confident in knowing where Visual Hydraulics obtained its result, and how.

Once a feature has been analyzed, quickly see the full results, including diagrams and all of its hydraulic characteristics:


In addition to the summary tables and diagrams, the summary equation option allows the designer to view the equations and methodology used by the program to obtain its results, such as for a tank launder shown below:



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