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  Visual Water Designer

Software solutions for the water industry

Visual Water Designer was developed as a comprehensive design tool that covers a wide variety of hydraulic, process, utility, and general water/wastewater features.  The software is organized into three main categories, including hydraulics and pumping, standard treatment design, and advanced treatment design.

Advanced Hydraulic and Pumping Analysis

  • Pumping system analysis, including system losses, discharge and suction heads, NPSH, and TDH
  • Full flow pipe analysis and associated head losses
  • Open channel analysis
  • Orifice/gate analysis, with options for analyzing head loss or flow
  • Weir analysis for 6 types of weirs
  • Flume analysis for 4 types of flumes
  • Flow measurement device analysis, including Venturi meters, nozzles, and orifice meters
  • Sewer analysis, including manhole head losses
  • Culvert analysis based on FHWA design methodology

Standard Treatment Unit Process Analysis

  • Standard process calculations for almost all available water and wastewater treatment processes
  • Analyze clarifiers, activated sludge systems, trickling filters, digesters, disinfection, filtration, screening devices, flocculation, grit removal, and RBCs
  • Analyze sludge processing units, including belt filter presses, gravity thickening, centrifuges, dissolved air flotation, and vacuum filtration
  • Built-in database allows you to view all assumptions used in any calculation and change those values at any time
  • Determine how results are obtained from the advanced reports that display the equations used in the calculations

Advanced Treatment Unit Process Analysis

  • Analysis of advanced treatment processes, including membrane-filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet disinfection, phosphorus removal, and nitrogen removal
  • Most up to date analyses based on industry standards
  • Similar to the standard treatment unit calculations, a built-in assumptions database and advanced reporting features provide the flexibility you need to simplify any calculation

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