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  Visual Water Designer


What is Visual Water Designer?

Visual Water Designer is an all purpose water software tool providing users with many of the calculations encountered in water and wastewater design and analysis.  Visual Water Designer offers a hydraulic analysis section that focuses on hydraulics and pumping system analysis, a section that covers process calculations for almost all of the various treatment processes encountered in water/wastewater treatment design, and even calculations for some of the advanced treatment processes that have emerged recently and have seen increased popularity in design.

What can Visual Water Designer model?

The hydraulics/pumping portion of the software allows users to perform calculations on pumping systems, pipes, open channels, orifices/gates, weirs, flumes, flow measurement devices, sewers/manholes, and culverts.

The standard process units section covers almost all of the treatment units encountered in treatment plant design, including clarifiers, activated sludge systems, trickling filters, disinfection, screening devices, grit removal, digesters, sludge thickeners, flocculation, filtration, rotating biological contactors, belt filter presses, centrifuges, dissolved air flotation, and vacuum filtration.

Finally, the advanced treatment process section covers ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, membrane-filtration, reverse osmosis, phosphorus removal, and nitrogen removal.

Additional Visual Water Designer Features

Visual Water Designer also provides the user with various other tools that make the calculation and design process even simpler.  These include:

  • Design discharge calculator (Rational and SCS Discharge methods)
  • Conversions calculator
  • Water properties calculator for varying water temperatures
  • Assumptions database for all assumptions used in any calculation
  • Fitting and K value database for pipe/pump systems
  • Flexibility of changing easily between flow units at any time


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